mercato del forte

In recent years, the Mercato del Forte has become a travelling market which has created a magical atmosphere in many of the most beautiful squares across Italy, selling quality items of fine fabrics and the products of merchants of old.

The Mercato del Forte takes its name from the city of Forte dei Marmi, and is without question Italy’s most glamorous shopping destination, characterized by its vast range of quality ‘Made in Italy’ brands.
The squares fill with curious people from various nations who among them share an unbridled passion for shopping and for the elegance of
Forte dei Marmi. This creates a continuous movement of Russians mingling with Milanese holidaymakers throughout the market square, in a playful and jovial atmosphere, typical of Tuscany.
There is a strong global demand for Made in Italy and for true craftsmanship, and the Mercato del Forte offers just the solution to this, in terms of quality and convenience.

It represents a return to cultural traditions which are more than simply commercial, an authentic showcase that can enhance the best of Italian craftsmanship and trade. It is important to remember that the goods sold here represent the excellence and quality of Tuscan and Italian craftsmanship. The Mercato del Forte strictly forbids cheap porcelain or imitation goods; here, you will rather find the quality and brands that only Made in Italy can offer.

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What you can find there

You will find high quality Italian craftsmanship on these stalls:

  • top quality hand-crafted leather (bags and shoes)
  • the best cashmere products
  • designer clothing
  • household linen
  • quality porcelain, jewellery and Florentine art.



The Mercato del Forte is held at Piazza Marconi in Forte dei Marmi every Wednesday throughout the year from 8 am to 1 pm, and also every Sunday from Easter to the last Sunday in September.

How to get to Piazza Marconi

Piazza Marconi is 4 km from Hotel Storyville and easily reached by public transport.