Story…with a Green Heart

Our Sustainability Contribution!

This is what we decided to do. For you, for us and for the environment.

Water Saving

*All faucets are equipped with aerators that ensure a comfortable flow of water while limiting the flow rate.
**The change of linen takes place once every three days.
***To limit the environmental impact caused by the frequent washing of towels, only those left on the floor will be replaced.

**N.B. :You can still request a more frequent change of linen, if you need to, with an additional cost.

Energy Saving

*We only use LED or Class A energy-saving light bulbs. This allows for considerable savings on energy consumption used for ambient lighting.
*We have replaced our appliances (minibars, refrigerators, freezers, computers, dishwashers) with increased energy efficiency ones.

Waste Reduction

*Where possible, we have tried to reduce food waste by making smaller portions of the various products you find at the breakfast buffet.
*In your bathroom you will find only eco-sustainable cosmetic products, certified and characterized by recyclable containers.
*We constantly monitor the produced waste and involve our guests in actions for the separation of the recyclable waste aiming at reducing it to a minimum.

Other initiatives

*All rooms are no-smoking
*Our Hotel offers a bike rental service, to enjoy the Apuan-Versilian coast in complete freedom and in a sustainable way.
*Involvement of our guests in the hotel’s environmental policies
*Personnel training and information
*Use of eco-labelled products
*Use of local and regional products