La spiaggia libera
Guests at Hotel Storyville have the privilege of being just a few steps away from the WWF public beach, located between Forte dei Marmi and Cinquale and known as the “Dune di Forte dei Marmi”. Within this protected WWF Oasis it is still possible to admire the ancient landscape of Versilia, with its clear seabeds and splendid public beach stretching for 200 metres.

It is unique for being the only strip of sand dunes (500 metres) north of Viareggio along the Tuscan coast, which has over 30 km of sandy beaches and a further 10 km of coastline along Liguria up to the terraced headland of Monte Marcello.


Your benefits

Considering that the basic cost for an umbrella with chairs and a beach lounger is often disproportionately high, the chance to access a convenient, clean and free beach is clearly of great advantage.

How to get there

It is easy to reach the Dune di Forte dei Marmi, they are located along the coast between Forte dei Marmi (LU) and the Cinquale di Montignoso (MS)