Terme della Versilia
Thanks to a special agreement, our guests can receive discounted rates at the Terme della Versilia.
The Terme della Versilia is located in the heart of the Cinquale along the Apuan-Versilia coast and offers a wide selection of spa, wellness and beauty treatments. The Hotel Storyville is perfectly positioned just 100 meters from the Terme della Versilia.


Spa treatments take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the bromo-iodic salt thermal water and peat. The bromo-iodic salt thermal water is rich in mineral salts, particularly iodine (ten times richer than sea water), sodium, bromine, iron, manganese, nickel and zinc. This water is used in the hydro massage thermal bath tubs and in the Kneipp parallel baths for its muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, lymphatic drainage and peripheral circulation stimulant properties.
The organic thermal peat is extracted from Lake Massaciuccoli, having undergone a thousand year metamorphosis from vegetable species. Exclusively available at the Terme della Versilia, this is beneficial for the skin and for adjuvant treatment of many inflammatory and rheumatic problems. It is applied over the body and face at room temperature and revitalises the tissue, providing valuable mineral salts and causing natural skin peeling. It is also rich in substances such as enzymes and vitamins, giving it incredible mineralizing, restorative and soothing properties.

What our offer includes

The special agreement between the Terme della Versilia and Hotel Storyville includes:

  • Admission to the swimming pool, filled with bromo-iodic salt water
  • Child admission, from 0 to 12 years
  • Access to the Undulna Wellness Centre with sauna, Turkish bath, aromatherapy shower, waterfall shower, and a relax area with water beds and herbal teas.

All spa treatments are assisted by a qualified medical team with specialists in medical hydrology, dermatology, endocrinology and osteopathy. Moreover, you can avail of an exclusive cosmetic line allowing you to to continue your treatments for personal well-being and therapy in your own home.


The Terme della Versilia is located only a few meters from Hotel Storyville