Plant a tree with us!

Up2You is an innovative start-up that we decided to join a few years ago. How does it work? It’s easy.

You, Our Guest, give up the room cleaning, we the HOTEL will reward you for your sustainable feat.

By waiving the cleaning service of the room for one or more nights, you will receive the opportunity to plant a tree as a reward.

Just use the “Do Not Disturb” door hang. 

We provide the “Do Not Disturb – I’m Saving the Planet” hook for each room: by hanging it outside the door, you can forgo the room cleaning service.

And we will reward you with a tree!

The cleaning staff, noticing the hook, will skip making the room and leave a note on the bed to reward you.

On the note card you will find a CODE: by entering it on the Up2You website, you obligate us to plant a tree and you will have helped the planet!

Visit the Up2You web page and check the environmental results that we obtain with our activity and a counter will help you monitor how much CO2 we are neutralizing.

Isn’t it awesome?

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